FREE Property Portfolio Review Spreadsheet 
Our team of BTL, bridging, mortgage and insurance Advisers use a variety of financial planning tools, including a tried and tested property portfolio review spreadsheet, in order to help our Clients to achieve their aims. 
In light of the recent PRA consultation amendments to the way BTL mortgage lenders now calculate and assess new mortgage applications, the BTL mortgage market has change significantly ...... once again! Many borrowers may not be able to raise as much capital as they once used to, leaving valuable equity tied up in the property. Lenders will now need to know total annual income from all sources, tax status of each borrower, how much income is derived from rent, how much from pensions, PAYE salaries, self employed net profits etc. 
However, we know the lenders who will be the most sympathetic for BTL borrowers, we know the lenders who are not subject to the UK's PRA regulatory changes, we know how to help you. 
We now offer you this FREE spreadsheet to download and use to help you to review your own portfolio. 
This property portfolio review spreadsheet calculates LTV's (confirm your leverage), possible available equity (to release and reinvest?), an example of a reduced interest rate product (to reduce your current outgoings?) and provides you with the ability to have a detailed overview snapshot of your portfolio, all in one easy to use format. 
And .... as an added no cost extra, by downloading this free resource, we are offering you and, by downloading the property portfolio review spreadsheet, you agree, that one of our financial advisers can call and offer you a free one to one review of your financial position. We do not charge any fees to discuss your objectives and present detailed options. This free service includes personalised advice and guidance on mortgages, life insurance, wills and estate planning. It is not compulsory to work with our professional, award winning, hugely experienced and expert Advisers (☺) however as it’s a free service, so clearly you have nothing to lose and you could still have a potential huge return to enjoy! 
To download your Free PRA Property Portfolio Spreadsheet, please complete and submit the form below and the link to access the spreadsheet will be provided. Remember, by downloading our spreadsheet, we will call to offer you a free, no obligation portfolio review to help you to balance your portfolio to it's best advantage and to offer you best value formal recommendations to help you to make your property assets and investments the most profitable it can be based on effective and strategic mortgage planning.  
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